Saturday, November 22, 2014

Stampin'Up! Online Extravaganza

Hey Stampers!
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Thursday, November 20, 2014

tree shaped ornament

Hello stampers......
This week I've been busy making some simple ornaments.  I'd been seeing paper straws in the craft stores....and wondered exactly what people were doing with them.  After researching them on Pinterest and Youtube, I found this idea.
I found a very helpful posting on Youtube by "Oneveryhappybird" that provided great measurements.  She had used a popsicle stick for the tree trunk, and she had colored it gold with a Sharpie marker.  However I used chop sticks that I had on hand in my craft stash.  I knew they'd come in handy some day!  ha ha!!!  Anyway, I cut the chopstick down to 4" length, and painted them with brown acrylic paint.
The star bead at the top can be found at Michael's crafts in the bead sections, and you just need to ensure the holes in the beads are going left to right when you glue the bead in place. That way when you thread your string through, the ornament will hang properly.
The straws were cut in the following lengths:  1/2", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 1-3/4", 2", 2-1/4", 2-1/2",
2-3/4", 3".
I used Tombow liquid glue to adhere them to the chop stick, and to the straw above it.
For decoration, the other poster had used various sized buttons or stick on gemstones.  I had sequins on hand, so I glued them on and added Stickles to the centers for additional bling.
The paper straws were purchased at Michael's in the dollar bins.  This really is a pretty economical craft, and would be a great project to do with kids too! 
Hope you have a creative day, and stay warm!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Top Hat treat holder

Good morning!

I've been seeing top hats all over Pinterest, so I thought I would attempt to try one.  There are numerous sizes out you should decide exactly what size treat you want yours to hold.

The size I made holds a little 3 x 5 baggie with 9 Hershey kisses in it.  I thought this size would make great holiday favors, or just a nice little treat to place on your co-worker's desk.
The measurements are as follows:
Black cardstock:  2-1/4" x 6-1/2"  for top of hat
Along one long edge, use SU's Spiral Border punch.  Then from the opposite long edge, measure over 1-3/4" and score.  This will put the score line above the area you just punched with the spiral border.  Use a bone folder and crease the score line. Curl with a bone folder to help break down the fibers, and overlap the ends about 1/2". Secure with sticky strip.  Flaps of the spiral border need pushed towards the center.
Punch 2 circles from black cardstock using the 1-3/4" circle punch.  Put liquid Tombow glue around the outside edge only of one of the circles, and place over top of the bottom of the top hat where the spirals are.  I actually had a bottle of Walmart's brand of fake Tylenol on my desk (100 count) , so I turned it upside down and placed the top hat over it.  It was the exact same size, so it really helped hold the piece in place while I glued the circle over top of the spirals.  So...having a headache helped me for once!   LOL!!  Then I placed glue on the second circle, and placed it inside to give it a finished look and hide the spirals.
This entire piece was then glued to a 2-1/2" circle punched from black cardstock.  I added a strip of DSP measuring 1/2" x 6-1/2" (approx) and added some holly leaves/berries cut from a Sizzix die I had.  If you look at pictures of Frosty, he actually is shown sometimes with a flower on his hat. But use what you have. 
Add your candy, and you are done!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Measurements for "Santa-tizer" #2

Hello again....
Here's a side view picture of version #2, and also what both versions look like side by side.
The measurements for version #2 are as follows:
Cherry Cobbler cardstock for body measures 2-1/4" x 5-1/2".  I ran it through the Big Shot using SU's polka dot embossing folder, and attached the ends together using red sticky strip for a strong hold.  I left the seam in the back.
I then attached a strip of white cardstock measuring 1/2" x 2-1/4" to the front.  I added two small black cardstock circles punched from SU's Owl punch to mimic buttons.
The belt was made of black cardstock measuring 1/2" x 5-1/2".  I attached it with Tombow liquid glue the entire way around his belly, leaving the seam in the front. It will be hidden by the buckle.
The ring of Cherry Cobbler cardstock that goes around the bottle cap measures 1" x 3-3/4". I curled it with a bone folder first to break down the fibers, then attached it with sticky strip.  The seam is in the front, as it will be covered by santa's head.
I formed the head exactly as version #1 from my prior posting this weekend, however for the brim of the hat this time I punched 2 pieces of white cardstock with the Word Window punch. And I added glitter to give it some bling!  I did add a dimensional underneath the first layer of bear to help add some depth.
I attached the head to the ring around the bottle cap using a double layer of Stampin' Dimensionals. You can see it in the picture above if you look at the side view.
You get more product with version #2 since it's a 2 ounce bottle.  But no matter what size bottle you find, I'm sure you can adapt the measurements to fit.  The holders will still be re-usable after the bottles are empty too! 

another "Santa-tizer" version

Hello Stampers...
A trip to a different dollar store paid off!  The larger size of hand sanitizer I was originally looking for was located.  YAY!    So here's the bigger bottle all decorated up as our fearless germ fighting "Santa-tizer." 

This time, I chose to make a removable ring of cardstock to go around the bottle cap, and attached the santa head to the ring with a double layer of Stampin'Up! dimensionals.  That way the recipient can remove the head, use the product, then replace the ring.  Wouldn't this be darling sitting on a co-worker's desk during the holidays?   After all, you need something else to focus on during the work day other than how many times you've had to hear "The Little Drummer Boy" over the piped-in music system.  ha ha!!

The measurements will follow shortly.  I have to actually play "office" right now for our appliance repair business.   Love those Mondays! :)

Saturday, November 8, 2014

My version of "Santa-tizer"

Hello Stampers!
Been busy stamping?  Me too!  I got my Christmas cards done early this year....and I must say it's a liberating feeling!  Every year I swear I will start them in June, and I never do.  So I started them last Sunday, and completed them Tuesday.  I even addressed the envelopes.  They won't be mailed until December, but at least I know they are done. :)

I've seen several versions of hand "Santa-tizers" on Pinterest.  There are lots of ideas to choose from, but I ended up coming up with my own version.  Now mind you, not all hand sanitizers are created equal.  They come in many different shapes and sizes, so you will most likely have to adapt your measurements to whatever size bottles you're able to find.

I found these little gems at my local Dollar Tree.  They were up by the registers, packaged in a little clear plastic shaped purse with three bottles inside.  The scents/colors were "ocean breeze" (blue), "eucalyptus mint" (green), and "cherry blossom" (red).  They measure 3-1/4" tall.  The first picture is a side view of the completed project, and the second picture is the front.
I began with a strip of Cherry Cobbler cardstock measuring 1-3/4" x 11.  I scored it at 1-1/8", 3-1/4",
4-1/4", 7-5/8" and 8-5/8". 
On the end with the 1-1/8" measurement, I punched a hole with a 3/4" circle punch directly in the center. Then I trimmed off a scant 1/8" off the end to make it fit better after you place it over top of the bottle. I folded all my score lines so that the cardstock wraps completely around the bottle.  Then you can remove the bottle to decorate.
I used a 1/2" x 2-1/2" (approx.) strip of white cardstock adhered to the front.  The belt of black cardstock was glued over top along the bottom edge of the front flap, and it measures 1/2" x 1-3/4".   The two black buttons were punched with the SU Owl punch and black cardstock.  Glue to white strip on the front.
The head was formed using a white cardstock piece punched with the 1-3/4" scallop circle punch. Then I added a circle punched with the 1-1/4" circle punch and Pink Pirouette cardstock. I sandwiched the Pink Pirouette circle in between two scalloped triangles punched out of Cherry Cobbler cardstock and the Petite Pennant Builder punch before gluing it to the white scallop.
On my computer, I printed out the word "Santa-tizer" in size 11 per inch, and printed it on white cardstock.  I repeated the word several times over the size of the paper so I can make several from one sheet of cardstock.  Then I cut out the word with the 1-3/4" scallop circle, keeping the words towards the bottom. I folded the scallop in half, and glued it over top of the face to form the beard.  I added a couple 1/2" strips of white cardstock on the front and back of the hat to form the brim, and rounded the corners.  I glued two googly eyes, and a Pink Pirouette nose punched from the Owl punch.  I adhered the santa head with dimensionals, lining up the top edge of the beard with the top edge of the holder.  The white circle on top was punched twice from the Owl punch. I glued them on the front and back of the tip of the hat.   Who knew how versatile that darn Owl punch was going to be over the years??  That punch was a great investment in my stash!!!
My last bit of bling was the belt buckle.  I hand cut a small square slightly larger than the width of the belt out of silver glimmer paper, and added a small square of black cardstock inside to make it appear the belt was actually threaded through the buckle.  For a closure, I used a small circle shaped Velcro fastener.
I may choose to jazz these up even more by adding some Dazzling Diamonds glitter to the circle and brim of the hat.  It's not too late to add, but probably would have been better if I would have done so prior to attaching the head to the body. 
I thought these little guys would be nice to give a friend or co-worker just to spread a little Christmas cheer, and hopefully avoid spreading germs at the same time!