Monday, November 10, 2014

another "Santa-tizer" version

Hello Stampers...
A trip to a different dollar store paid off!  The larger size of hand sanitizer I was originally looking for was located.  YAY!    So here's the bigger bottle all decorated up as our fearless germ fighting "Santa-tizer." 

This time, I chose to make a removable ring of cardstock to go around the bottle cap, and attached the santa head to the ring with a double layer of Stampin'Up! dimensionals.  That way the recipient can remove the head, use the product, then replace the ring.  Wouldn't this be darling sitting on a co-worker's desk during the holidays?   After all, you need something else to focus on during the work day other than how many times you've had to hear "The Little Drummer Boy" over the piped-in music system.  ha ha!!

The measurements will follow shortly.  I have to actually play "office" right now for our appliance repair business.   Love those Mondays! :)

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