Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Top Hat treat holder

Good morning!

I've been seeing top hats all over Pinterest, so I thought I would attempt to try one.  There are numerous sizes out you should decide exactly what size treat you want yours to hold.

The size I made holds a little 3 x 5 baggie with 9 Hershey kisses in it.  I thought this size would make great holiday favors, or just a nice little treat to place on your co-worker's desk.
The measurements are as follows:
Black cardstock:  2-1/4" x 6-1/2"  for top of hat
Along one long edge, use SU's Spiral Border punch.  Then from the opposite long edge, measure over 1-3/4" and score.  This will put the score line above the area you just punched with the spiral border.  Use a bone folder and crease the score line. Curl with a bone folder to help break down the fibers, and overlap the ends about 1/2". Secure with sticky strip.  Flaps of the spiral border need pushed towards the center.
Punch 2 circles from black cardstock using the 1-3/4" circle punch.  Put liquid Tombow glue around the outside edge only of one of the circles, and place over top of the bottom of the top hat where the spirals are.  I actually had a bottle of Walmart's brand of fake Tylenol on my desk (100 count) , so I turned it upside down and placed the top hat over it.  It was the exact same size, so it really helped hold the piece in place while I glued the circle over top of the spirals.  So...having a headache helped me for once!   LOL!!  Then I placed glue on the second circle, and placed it inside to give it a finished look and hide the spirals.
This entire piece was then glued to a 2-1/2" circle punched from black cardstock.  I added a strip of DSP measuring 1/2" x 6-1/2" (approx) and added some holly leaves/berries cut from a Sizzix die I had.  If you look at pictures of Frosty, he actually is shown sometimes with a flower on his hat. But use what you have. 
Add your candy, and you are done!

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